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Last offer! until the end of the december!


The exclusive offers last till the end of December. The construction company Maqro Construction offers unprecedented payment terms for purchasing apartments in the residential complex Green Budapest at the end of 2015. The conditions are affordable for all who wish to move to a new apartment and improve their lives.
Various terms and circuitry of payment are available. In case of paying the total amount of the apartment, the customer will receive a 15% discount, or a balcony or parking place free of charge.
Another option is a five-year interest-free payment by installments, which allows the client to purchase an apartment with a primary contribution of 30% and to pay the rest of the cost without any interest rate for 5 years.
The third option allows the client to purchase an apartment without any preliminary deposit. "0% initial deposit is hard to believe, but it is true. You can make your dream a reality today. You may pay the cost of the apartment with annual 7% interest rate", - says the company.

Green Budapest is a residential complex, covering 11 700 square meters in a green and healthy environment in the center of the city, on Panjikidze street. It offers residents fully renovated 351 apartments of European standards: bath headset, kitchen furniture and built-in appliances.
The multi-profile infrastructure, green area, basketball court, skateboard ramp, running tracks, indoor and outdoor parking places and many more are the main advantages of the residential complex.
Situated in the center of the city, the residential complex is surrounded by 3 500 square meters of recreation area, which is a guarantee of ecological health and coziness.
According to Maqro Construction, construction is quick and will be completed before the scheduled time, meaning that the owners of the apartments will be able to settle in the complex in May instead of September 2016, however, they will be able to pay the cost of apartments till September 2016.
The campaign of unprecedented payment terms ends in December. So, you still have the possibility to use the real chance and start a new life.


The article was prepared by ipn.GE