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School . . .


The school . . . how many wonderful and unforgettable memories does the word evoke. We remember so many different times: joyful and sad, the ones we take pride in or those that make us smile. 

The bell rings for the first time, welcoming the scared and confused first graders carrying huge schoolbags and even huger bunches of flowers. The first teacher with her unforgettable smile, kind and wistful eyes, warm and caressing hands, a glance, which may be stern at times but never unfair has imprinted in our memories to bring us back to a happy childhood.

The school bell will ring for the first time today. Who knows how many would-be scientists, renowned artists, athletes or even heroes will sit at their desks happy about their new bags, books, crayons or felt pens?!

However, in our country, there are kids who can only dream of the small things their peers take for granted. They are cute, smart and even talented and could study to be of use to their country. To be unable to go to school like the others do makes a child miserable, while a dream come true is an immense joy. A kid’s face brightens up when given a gift he/she has yearned for. It’s great to see that face and it’s even better to make a child feel happy.

As a part of a regular charity campaign, the Sand Glass foundation and Macro-Construction company bought school utensils for the inmates of a children’s home, some children born to large families and orphans. Understandingly, the small support can’t solve their problems but anyway it will help them get the education like the others do and experience the joy of the first school bell ringing. Charity is a flickering candle, which together with the others turns into a torch.