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What Kind of a House does a Family with Children Need?


A time comes when a family has to move house, which is next to starting from scratch, especially to those with children. What kind of a house does a family with children need and how do we make a choice?


A house is not merely its interior, whatever comfortable. Other factors, the location firth and foremost have to be taken into account. Life may prove to be hard if there is no kindergarten or a school nereby. Commuting every day even in one’s own car is a trial for a child. However, only a school and a kindergarten does not make a good neighborhood: an Underground station, a bank and even a hospital are no less important.

Fresh Air and a Playground

Those are basic necessities. A child need fresh air, a safe playground and green surroundings. A parent should be able to let a child play in the yard without worrying about the air pollution or dirt. Playing in the squalid place makes no sense.


If you decide on an apartment block, a balcony is what you need to save you and a child regular trips to the yard. The balcony is a place to relax in the urban environment.


Knowing what kind of a house you need is a big step forward. You start looking which is not a simple task. A number of construction companies have popped up recently. For all their tempting offers, their terms differ considerably. The Green Budapest residential complex in #22 Panjikidze str., we are going to speak about stands out for comfort and convenience. 

Its location is one of its advantages for a kindergarten, a school, an Underground station, a bank and the central hospital are all at a stone’s throw. All that an active person needs is at hand.

The complex has its own 3500m2 recreational zone since a green, safe and healthy environment is the key element of its concept. 3500m2 out of 11700m2 is a green strip. The complex is going to be unique for its diverse infrastructure. The residents will have multiple healthy lifestyle options: a green yard, a playground, a race track, a basketball court, a skateboard ramp, a car park, the fitness and children care centers all in one space just the thing we need for a proper life.

Until the late December, the company offers its customers various convenient terms, such as 5 year interest and deposit-free installments, a 15% discount or a free balcony or a garage in case of a lump-sum payment.
To sum up, if you want a really good decision about a more comfortable place to live in, approach the construction company and choose the most convenient terms. It will save you time and trouble and you will land in a comfortable modern house in one of the best parts of the city.

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