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What advantages does the Green Budapest residential complex offer


Recreation zone, customer-oriented payment terms and a variety of infrastructure – these are the main components the construction company MAQRO construction takes niche in the construction market. About the priorities Green Budapest has towards the residential complexes and of other news, the deputy director in marketing, sales, PR and project development Mr. Oguz Kaan Karaer will tell to us

Green Budapest residential complex has a lots of advantages, the main priority is that our customers have trust towards our companies, in fact most apartments where sold out in the first days when the construction started. At the moment, 70% of the apartments are sold. One of the most important factors is the variety of the infrastructure, green area, children’s playground, trade mill, basketball court, skate rump, parking lots, day care, fitness center - All this will be located in the complex area and will provide maximum comfort for the residents of the complex. Company’s main objective is to care for its residents, we try our best to take into the consideration the requirements and needs of our customers, we have an individual and friendly approach towards them and this creates close relationships.

It should be noted that the construction is underway according to the European standards with the highest quality construction materials. Quality is our priority! International company MAQRO construction is one of the biggest investors in Georgia. MAQRO construction based on the preliminary information published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia (NSOG), belongs to the ten largest investments according to the amount of direct foreign investments made to the country with the 2 projects: Green Budapest and Hotel Mercure Tbilisi Old Town. We are implementing different projects abroad. At the moment, we launched the second project in Belarus, where we are operating successfully.




- Within the high levels of Environmental pollution, in green Budapest is the green cover taken into the consideration?

In the residential complex, 3500 m2 is recreation zone. Generally, the main idea of our concept is built on the greenery, ecologically clean, healthy environment. Complex is being built in the 11 700 m2, from where 3500 m2 is recreation zone. Complex will be unique with the multifunction infrastructure. Here are all the conditions to ensure that residents follow a healthy lifestyle

- Payment terms are very important when buying an apartment. What payment terms do you offer to your customers?

I agree that the payment terms are one of the most important factor while purchasing the apartment. Due to the fact in green Budapest the terms are very flexible. Nowadays we have a campaign with the following terms: 5 year 0% internal credit with 30% down payment. The second term, if customer pays cash we offer 15% discount or balcony for free or parking space for free. The third option is 0% down payment, 5 years internal credit with 7% early interest. So, hurry up the campaign lasts till the end of the December. I think you agree that these are one of the most flexible terms on the market.

- Very important issue is, will you meet the deadline for finishing the construction process?
We try to meet the expectation of our customers all the time. The completion date of the Green Budapest is September 2016, but we managed and will complete the construction 4 months earlier. This is especially good news for the customers who bought their apartment for an investment, as they can rent the house 4 months earlier and pay the amount as planned, till September 2016. It is a big benefit for the families also, as mostly our customers have school age children, from May to September (as school starts in September) they will have enough time for moving to the new apartment and preparing for school.

- While purchasing the apartment customers take into the consideration in the future their real estate will be financially profitable or not. In case of investment is your complex attractive?

I agree with you, this is very important fact while purchasing a real estate. Investing in Green Budapest is a very profitable. First of all location and the concept of the complex is very attractive

Average price of the sq. meter us 1400 USD, in case of full payment the price is 1190 USD. In May when the construction is finished the customer can sell the sq. meter for minimum 1600 USD, so will have more than 34% profit within just 5 months. I think you agree that this is a very high indicator.

I will tell you the second example: let’s consider 3 rooms apartment with average price 80 000 USD.
Green Budapest residential complex the customer can easily rent for 800 USD. That means that the inhabitant can recover the cash in only 8 years with the early 12% return. In a real estate business this rates are really high

- Finally Do you offer fully renovated apartments? What is the quality?

In Green Budapest Residential complex, we offer fully renovated apartments, with the kitchen furniture, Built-in appliances and full bath headset. We only use highest quality renovated materials, which are mainly imported from Turkey


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