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If you do know this, it will be difficult to well-built the house – Advices from the main architect


Everybody wants to live in a cozy, nice and comfortable house. For this we do our best – spend money and force our imagination. Though there are some principles in interior design, breaking of which may ruin your expenses and efforts as well.



What you have to know when staring well-built of your house. How can you combine colors of wall, ceiling or floor, how to share lighting and how to combine furniture to everything this – Selen Avji, the main architect of the company Macro Construction, gives us the necessary advices.




- Do you offer painting or wallpaper for the walls? According to which principle happens choosing the first or the second one?

- It’s difficult to make definitive conclusions, it depends on taste. Both of them have their own advantages. Painting the wall is more practical, as after some period people get bother with the wall color and design. And repainting is rather easy. Recently there is a wide range of paints. We can give lots of colors and effects to the wall, for example the effect of aging, concrete effect and so on.

One can get different, milder effect by the wallpaper. Its choice is even more diverse. In abroad sometimes people use special, waterproof wallpaper in the bathroom.

- Which are those colors for the walls, on which it is rather easy to fit furniture, textile or decorative things?

- For much effect it’s better to keep contrast. If the wall is light colored you must fit dark furniture and vice a versa. If we want a calm mood, it’s better to use light colors – more space can be found in the apartment. If the longer wall is dark, the room will have the quadrate form, and if the close walls are dark, this time the accent is on the dark walls. Fitting the furniture and decorations for one color wall is easier and preferable, if this wall is light colored.

- Which colors do you advice in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, dining room and in cabinet?

- For perception the house in one style and to avoid rough “transitions” it’s better to paint the walls in one color. The residential area will appear larger. Light walls create more calmness and I prefer it.





- What do you offer regarding the wall decoration? Mirror, paintings, clock, special wall stickers – what we must foresee in each case?

- In children’s room stickers are preferable, children like them and they make the room joyful. But take attention where the sticker is attached. Do not stick it where the child can see immediately after waking.

Mirror is good in the entrance, the room seems bigger. The clock has a decorative meaning and I offer it in the kitchen or in the living room. As for pictures, they create so much comfort, mood and aura, it’s better to have the paintings in every room.

- Which colors do you offer for light of very dark rooms?

- For dark rooms light colors are necessary. And in very light room we have the choice. It is not necessary to use dark colors, we can control the sun rays by dark curtains. Room in light colors always makes positive mood, dark colors are considered as classic one, but it’s difficult to percept. If the room walls are dark, we can fit maximally light color furniture.





- Which material is better for the floor in a house, where the family lives and in which room which material is preferable?

- I prefer wooden floor in the living room and bedroom, though we have a wide range of laminated floors. There is environmentally friendly laminated floor, making and changing it is very easy. In the entrance and kitchen floor tiles are very practical. In a studio style houses people make laminated floor to avoid rough transition.

- What kind of layout of parquet tiles is modern currently?

- It depends on layout of the rooms. As a rule it is done parallel to the window. Tiles must be as big as possible, so the space appears larger.

- According to which principle we can combine the wall color to the floor one? Is contrast advisable?

- I cannot say that it is necessary to keep the contrast. Sometimes light color wall suits to the light color floor and this time the furniture makes an effect. Consider that dark floor is more difficult to care comparing with the light one.





 - What kind of is a modern and practical ceiling? Quite plain and one-level or we can use some “effects”?

- One-lever ceiling is preferable, as in such case we maintain the height. Multi-level ceiling maybe is more modern, but sometimes it becomes bothering. And the house is a place to rest, that’s why it’s better to abstain from such effect.

I prefer white ceiling, it has higher effect. Though dark ceiling is also permitted, in such case some part of the wall must be dark too, to avoid rough transition.





- In which case lighting is better in the center of the room and in which case – on the walls or in different zones of the room?

- It depends on the room volume. If the room is big, one central lighting is not enough. Consider that lighting is more important than the color of the walls and floor, as lighting changes the colors radically.

- Lighting must be proportional of the room size. I offer warm lighting for the house. In the bedrooms softer and calmer lighting is better, and in the kitchen - on the contrary.


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