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What customer requests did the Maqro Construction company have to consider


The international holding Maqro Construction's unprecedented campaign for those who want to buy an apartment in Green Budapest residential complex continues. At first, it was planned to finish the campaign by December 31, 2015, but the company, taking into consideration high demand from the customers, decided to prolong it until January 30. The effective and client-friendly campaign received an unprecedented feedback from the customers. For this reason, some of them just did not make it until the deadline.

Potential customer, 34 years: “As soon as the campaign was announced, I decided to buy an apartment in Green Budapest. Before that, I was considering several other construction companies, but could not find anything that was just fine for me. Green Budapest has numerous advantages comparing to other residential complexes. The most important of them, at least for me, is that there is a quite large green area in the centre of the city. Just imagine a huge green territory on the Budapest Street. This is really an important advantage. Besides, this company offers apartments of European standards. If we add this unprecedented campaign to all those advantages, we get a dream apartment. This is no exaggeration.

I know that no other company has any similar campaign. Unfortunately, I could not make it until December 31. I know others who had the same problems with the deadlines. Because of that, I addressed the company several times and asked them to prolong the campaign. It turned out that others called them too. I am happy that Maqro Construction took our requests into consideration and I will be able to begin 2016 in my new and beautiful apartment," told us potential customer of Green Budapest Residential complex.

It should be noted that the Green Budapest residential complex will be completed earlier than planned, which means that the new residents will be able to enjoy their new apartments in May, 2016 and not in September as it was announced previously. Additionally, the ongoing campaign gives the buyers the opportunity to choose different payment methods. In case of paying the whole sum at a time, you get 15% discount or, if desired, you receive additional balcony or a garage absolutely free of charge. There is another option – 5-year, interest-free payment that gives an opportunity to buy an apartment, paying only 30% of total price in advance and the rest can be covered during the remaining 5 years, interest-free. Maqro Construction offers yet another option to its customers, which envisages no preliminary payment and just 7% yearly interest.