After the resident has got the keys, the only concern is to furnish an apartment. According to the contract, the buyer receives a fully refurbished unit. The in-house central heating system with individual heating boiler for each residence, the double-glazed frames for the windows and doors, a metal front door, wooden laminate interior doors, painted walls, laminate flooring, the built-in kitchen cabinets, gas stoves, hoods and ovens. Maqro Constriction gives you a choice offering several samples for consideration wall paint colors, laminate flooring, the wall tiles, bathroom furnishing with all accessories and the inner doors.

In addition to all the above listed, there are the niches ready for built-in closets’ installation in each of the apartments. In line with your wishes, you can order in Green Budapest the high-quality closets/ wardrobes of Glorya Furniture brand produced by Macro Construction with special discounts. In case if you decide to furnish entire apartment with Glorya brand furniture, the Macro Construction will offer the special prices to you.

Each of the blocks has two elevators, each intended for 13 persons. Along with your comfort considerations, Maqro Construction puts safeguarding of its residents as a top priority. The Green Budapest complex will be equipped with special generator. In case of electrical power loss to the area, it will guarantee their unimpeded functioning, illumination of the area, entrances and parking. Maqro Construction has also safeguarded an unimpeded water supply in Green Budapest complex. 80-ton tanks will be mobilized in each of the blocks. Half of this amount will suffice all residents’ 2-day water demand. Another half is intended for other force majeure circumstances.

Security of the Complex

Description and specifications

Feel yourself secured in Green Budapest Project. For each of us security of the apartment and outdoor area is necessary and very important.

"Green Budapest" has a number of priorities, safety and security system is one of the top ones. Maqro Construction LLC will be providing security service for free throughout one year after the construction works are finished. Group of professionals will provide security service equipped with the modern European standard systems. 

Cleaning of the complex

Description and specifications

Green Budapest is not only residentialcomplex, but a new way of life. That is why Maqro Construction LLC will take care of your environment to save your time and energy. Throughout one year after construction works are finished the company will be providing cleaning of the complex exterior, entrance halls and elevators. 


Maintenance of the green space of the complex

Description and specifications

Clean environment in the city center. Perennials growing in Green Budapest complex need to be carefully maintained. Maqro Construction LLC with the help of the professionals will bring even more colors of green to the recreational area of the complex  and with the group of landscape designers will ensure their maintenance.

Fitness Club

Description and specifications

Save the time and take care of your health. Become the resident of Green Budapest  complex and Maqro Construction LLC will provide all conditions to make your everyday life healthy. The complex has a fitness center of modern standards and highly qualified trainers will help you to maintain good shape and health throughout of one year period after construction works are finished.